Job & Ad Rates

We invite your organization to advertise with us. Our rates are as follows:

Front Page Web Ad

Your ad must be 170×170 pixels, 72dpi, in BMP, TIF, JPG, GIF, animated GIF, or PNG format. If the ad is smaller than 170×170 pixels or any edges are rounded, the ad MUST also include white background out to the 170×170 pixel size. Transparent background GIF ads will NOT be accepted.

The electronic file must be sent to our Chapter Administrator, Janet Kimlicko, with your payment.

1-2 Months $100.00/month
3-5 Months $90.00/month
6-11 Months $80.00/month
12 Months $70.00/month

Monthly Program Sponsor

$100.00/1-2 hour program Exclusive to one vendor per program. High exposure to membership through chapter correspondence for that program. (Program Season: September – November and January – June)
$150.00/half-day program
Sponsorship benefits include:

  • Meeting Attendance – Admission for two people at the meeting (networking, meal and program).
  • Signage – If sponsor has a banner, they can post it in the room, in accordance with the facility’s regulations.
  • Sponsor Table – A sponsor’s table will be prominently placed during ½ hour registration and networking prior to meeting. Informational material of sponsoring organization may be displayed at meeting. Sponsor can staff their sponsorship table to network with members – we suggest that the sponsor staff their table at the close of meetings as attendees leave.
  • Special Seating – Representative of sponsoring organization to be seated at reserved table with HMATD President or other Board Member in attendance.
  • Recognition from the Podium – Sponsor provides draft of company description for introduction by the HMATD President or Board Member – asks sponsor to stand during remarks. Opportunity is given to sponsor to address the group and briefly describe business of sponsor prior to program.

Job Postings

$50.00 per job per month

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